We do Pay per call on print, mobile, TV, radio, coupons, search, display, email, and blogs.

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When you know that you provide great services and products, what you want next is not just growth, but effective growth. You know that quality traffic, increasing brand exposure and relevant leads are keys to moving forward and upward. Pay Per Call marketing is where quality and quantity come together.

Advantages of LeadGiant advertiser programs:


  • We make sure any leads generated are strong quality leads.
  • We  connect you to the best experts, programs, and technology in your industry.
  • We take all the guesswork out of your campaigns.
  • We closely monitor your numbers and every publisher and campaign will be carefully optimized.


Pay Per Call?

We set up and run your customized campaigns.

No risk: you only pay publishers after relevant leads call in.

100% of the customers you receive are already interested in you.

We continue to seek out strong partners for you.

We do the work; publishers send you leads; you reap the benefits.